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Red Cross | Lockdown leader


Meet Siya Jantjies, a 15-year old car accident survivor who ran 100km on a treadmill over 10 days in lockdown, to raise funds for Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

When he was just 3-years old, Siya was run over by a car. Thanks to the lifesaving emergency treatment he received at Red Cross, Siya was able to return home to his family.

Deciding to put his time to good use during lockdown, this inspiring young teenager set himself a challenge: to run 100km on a treadmill over 10 days to raise money in aid of an upgrade to the hospital’s Emergency Centre, where he received treatment 12 years ago.

Siya asked family, friends and the public to donate to his initiative via backabuddy, and raised a whopping R28 344.61.

The existing Emergency Centre is not adequately equipped to support the many children coming through its doors, because of limited space, overcrowding and inefficient logistics. The upgrade is especially urgent now with the COVID-19 pandemic, as the Centre is the first point of entry for patients arriving at the Hospital.

Siya sees his donation as the best way for him to thank the hospital and its staff for saving his life, “What Red Cross War Memorial Children Hospital is doing is incredible. I see this Hospital and its medical staff as my heroes. Thank you for giving me a second chance, I will not waste it.”

He hopes that the youth and future leaders continue to help to donate towards the upgrade in any way they can, “There’s no better time to showcase your sense of social responsibility by giving hope and healing to the most vulnerable in society – the children.”

Help ensure children like Siya get the best emergency treatment they deserve at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.
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