Make sure that every time you swipe your Woolworths card you are giving back, without costing you a cent!

When you link your Woolworths card to the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme you can raise funds for a school or charity of your choice. You can support up to 3 different charities which you can be changed at any time. It makes a world of difference...

Funds are given back on your behalf, so this is a win-win benefit for everyone. If you want to raise funds for a school, charity or animal or environmental organisation please link your Woolworths card, for free, now!

Here is how to link your card:

  • Call MySchool on 0860 100 445 during office hours 


We will need your card number, ID number (or passport number and date of birth), the name of the school or charity you would like to support and your contact details.

Don’t know which school or charity to support?

You can choose to support the Thuso Fund for Schools and Charities which helps under-resourced schools and charity organisations across the country. By selecting the Thuso Fund as one of your beneficiaries, you can make a direct contribution to schools and charities that need it most.
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