Benefits of being a cardholder

1. You can raise funds for your favourite school or charity without costing you a cent.
2. You can use one card at many stores.
3. Exclusive discounts and special offers.
4. You will receive a monthly email statement showing exactly how much your beneficiary has raised.
5. You can change your beneficiaries whenever you want.

Our History

The programme was established on 30 September 1997 by a Johannesburg based parent who wanted to help his child’s school raise more funds in an easy and sustainable manner. Registered under the company name “Virtual Market Place”, the programme soon became a popular fundraising tool in many schools.

The little entrepreneurial business grew from strength to strength. Woolworths became the programme’s main partner and later bought majority share in the business. Woolworths then decided to buy out the whole business and MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet became part of the Woolworths Group of Companies.

The programme began as a fundraising tool solely focused on providing individuals with the opportunity to raise funds for their local School every time they shopped, but expanded to assist “Villages” and “Planets” around 2007 due to the vast and growing need in South Africa, hence the programme is now called MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet.

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MySchool supports quality learning in South Africa and aims to ensure that all children have access to the quality education they deserve. There are more than 7500 registered schools that benefit from funds raised through your swipes. If quality education matters to you, our Thuso Fund is a great way to support under-resourced schools across SA. 


MyVillage supports charities and welfare organisations that help vulnerable people in communities. From orphans and children in need, to our senior citizens and people with disabilities, MyVillage supports many organisations.

These include:
Cotlands, Childline, CHOC, SA National Council for the Blind, The Starfish Foundation, NOAH, Sunflower Fund, Children’s Hospital Trust (Red Cross), NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute), SAGA (Guide Dog Association), Doctors without Borders, SOS Children’s Village, Hospice Palliative Care Association and the Amy Foundation Trust, and many more.


MyPlanet is focused on wildlife conservation, the environment and animal welfare. These organisations include: WWF, SANCCOB, The Society for Animals in Distress, Endangered Wildlife Trust, the MyPlanet Rhino Fund, the SPCA National Fund, Border Collie Rescue, FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Programme, National Horse Trust, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, WESSA and BirdLife SA, and many more.



Best Loyalty Program and Best Loyalty Community Campaign.

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year, Best Community or Environmental Initiative of the Year award and received a commendation in the category of Best Long-Term Programme of the year.

Best Community & Environmental Campaign of the Year

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year
Best loyalty team – SA

Best Programme of the Year: Open – SA Loyalty Awards

Best Community / Environmental Initiative  of the Year – SA Loyalty Awards


Best programme of the year – Other: Loyalty Awards SA



Regional Loyalty Champions of the Year: Middle East & Africa
Best Long Term Loyalty Programme
Best CSR Initiative Linked to Loyalty

Best Loyalty Programme of the Year Middle East and Africa



Best Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative Linked to Loyalty



Best Loyalty Programme of the Year Middle East and Africa
Best Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative Linked to Loyalty


Best Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative Linked to Loyalty