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MyPlanet Rhino Fund raises R3.3 million from September 2019 to date

With your support we continue to make a greater impact where it is needed most. Over the past year we have experienced some challenging times, but through the struggle of COVID-19 lockdown we were still able to help our beloved rhino.

Funds raised were put towards extremely important initiatives, to ensure the highest possible effect. This included major upgrades of rhino boma facilities, improving ranger protection, high-tech security equipment and K9 training. The fund also contributed to rhino feeding and ongoing dehorning of rhino’s so that poachers are not tempted to attack.

Thank you to all our supporters.

World Rhino Day, 22 September 2020 reminds us to stay alert and continue protecting this endangered species.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic rhino numbers on state-owned protected areas were on the decline.  While the one positive of the virus outbreak has been a reduced pressure on some wildlife populations, World Rhino Day is a reminder to stay vigilant.

International travel bans may have helped cut poaching during the Covid-19 lockdown, but it’s thanks to ongoing efforts of organisations like the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) that wildlife crime is being reduced.

Over the past 10 years, the EWT has been focused on rhino protection, with dog detection projects and training initiatives — to help grow public awareness of how damaging wildlife crime is for South Africa.

Youth ambassadors

Rhino looking into camera

Through our youth, the EWT is helping to grow rhino ambassadors and conservation advocates. Hosting an annual school speech contest on World Rhino Day, EWT invites Grade 10 learners to prepare speeches on a topic that’s relevant to the rhino crisis.

As the Limpopo-hosted contest is on pause this year because of COVID-19, it’s hoped that learners next year will join the event to hone their speech writing and presentation skills, while also learning about rhino conservation and winning great prizes.

Rhino looking into camera
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In Japan, origami is taught to children in school to develop their patience, memory, concentration and spatial skills.

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