MyPlanet CardWant to support an environmental or animal welfare organisation?

The MyPlanet fundraising programme was launched as an extension of MySchool to provide community-minded people like yourself the opportunity to support a worthy cause close to their heart, without costing them a cent. You can support the charity of your choice every time you shop! Our partners will donate a percentage of your spend to the charity you have selected, on your behalf. 

How does it work?

Get your free MyPlanet card today, select the Planet charity that you want to support (up to 3), and then, every time you shop at our partner stores (such as Woolworths, Engen, Altech Netstar and many more), they will donate a percentage of your purchase, on your behalf. It is so easy to make a difference.

What is a Planet?

We classify Planets as organisations that focus on the improvement and protection of the environment and animals.

A dog, cat, horse or penguin - you can support them via a MyPlanet Card

Examples of Planets include WWF, SANCCOB, The Society for Animals in Distress, Endangered Wildlife Trust, the EWT MyPlanet Rhino Fund, the SPCA National Fund, Border Collie Rescue, FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Programme, National Horse Trust, Animal Anti-Cruelty League, WESSA and BirdLife SA.

There are many more to choose!

How you can support these causes?

Get your free MyPlanet card (no monthly fees, no costs to you!) and nominate the beneficiary you wish to support. Swipe your card at our partner stores when you shop. They will donate a percentage of your purchases on your behalf.

1) If you don't have a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card yet, simply apply for your free card now and select your favourite beneficiary. Once you start swiping your card the charity of your choice will start receiving funds.

2) If you already have a MySchool card, but would like to change your beneficiary or add a charity, simply call our Client Service Centre on 0860 100 445 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - there is no need to get a new card!

Wildflowers, small creatures and tall trees - save them for future generations - get a MyPlanet Card

Every swipe counts!