You can do your part too.

Thank you for our toysOver the last two weeks of September 2010, Toys R Us and MySchool called on the public to generously donate good quality, second-hand toys and baby goods at various in-store ‘Donation Station’ collection points across the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

10 Toys R Us stores participated in this public donation drive and MySchool cardholders were eager to “pay it forward” to children in need.

A MyPlanet card can help grow South Africa’s green heritage

In September South Africans across the country will celebrate Heritage Day (24 September 2010) - a commemorative day on which we are encouraged as a nation to celebrate our cultural heritage as well as the diversity of our beliefs and traditions. However, what we often neglect to celebrate is our country’s diverse natural heritage. This September, let’s remember the green heritage of this beautiful country and support the organisations that work to protect it.

Matrics can support our planetTime really does fly!  Soon our matriculates will be spreading their wings into the ‘working world’! 

MySchool would like to thank you for your contribution to your child’s school over the past years. 

Every swipe of your MySchool card has made a small contribution to the schools facilities and equipment.