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Reaching children through soccer, Young Bafana Soccer Academy is changing lives through nutrition, clothing, coaching and professional education.

Shaping future leaders and soccer players, Young Bafana Soccer Academy is aiming its specialised soccer and educational outreach programmes at children from historically disadvantaged backgrounds. Strategically designed for maximum benefit for children, the programme measures its success through results at school and on the sports fields to ensure ongoing development.

Using soccer as a drawcard, the organisation’s professional coaches and teachers use sport as a platform to teach values such as respect, hard work and discipline.

To date, total outreach includes over 10 000 people across the larger Helderberg area, and 200 children (divided into eight teams) are directly supported through the organisation.  Young Bafana Soccer Academy’s motto of ‘education first’ means the soccer programme is focused on social and performance levels — where nutrition, clothing, coaching and professional education are important features. 

Better players also form part of the High-Performance Teams —taking part in a structured league where they compete against some of the best professional clubs from Cape Town.

Five academy graduates have already been placed with professional clubs, and nine others have received full educational scholarships at local private schools which will open many a door for their future.

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