VulPro vulture is released into the wild

VulPro | Taking to the skies


Thanks to the efforts of the VulPro team, 9 precious Cape Vultures are soaring high and ready for nature’s clean up.

Fondly referred to as nature’s clean-up crew, vultures are often overlooked despite their significant contributions to nature. They can thrive solely on scavenging, and are critical in controlling the potential spread of bacteria and other diseases to human populations from dead animals.

Sadly, vultures face multiple man-made threats, including poisoning, power line collisions and electrocutions, direct harvesting for cultural beliefs, and ever-decreasing foraging ranges.

VulPro vultures released from crates

With some populations plummeting by over 90% in the past 30 years, VulPro collects injured vultures from across South Africa to nurture them back to health.  One success story is the recent release of 9 Cape Vultures after a month of care.  Without intervention, these vultures would have been lost to the wild populations, further knocking the species’ declining numbers. In just one month (December 2020), 18 vultures came into VulPro. Another 10 of these individuals will be released shortly.

VulPro works towards saving Africa’s vultures through rehabilitation, research and education, and its captive breeding programme.

Above all, SOS Children’s Villages puts each individual child’s needs first, to ensure they enjoy positive and caring relationships.

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