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Thanks to its latest MySchool fund injection of R488 000, the NSPCA will now be able to enlist more trainees and boost inspector and field officer training to help curb animal cruelty.

Despite being a nation of animal lovers, South Africa faces a huge problem of animal cruelty and negligence. Every day, organisations like the NSPCA lend their voices to the battle to protect domestic, farm and wild animals from harm. The COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns have seen reports of negligence and cruelty spiralling — pushing the workload of inspectors to extreme levels as they need to conduct critical investigations that help save vulnerable animals.

Thanks to this latest donation of R466K, NSPCA will be able to support more Inspectors and Field Officers, who undergo vigorous training to prepare them on the ground. On the frontline, they are deployed to investigate allegations of deliberate negligence, rescuing animals when necessary, and instituting relevant prosecution processes.

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‘Training is a costly exercise, but critical to the continued fight against animal cruelty in South Africa,’ says Morgane James, NSPCA Training Unit manager. With the motto “Training for a kinder world”, the unit (and officers it trains) embody the animal welfare organisation’s objective of promoting kindness, preventing cruelty, and alleviating the suffering of innocent animals.  

“The NSPCA provides training (free of charge) to inspector and field officer trainees at its offices in Johannesburg.  This ensures that no person is disadvantaged or unable to attend due to a lack of finances,” says James

Now able to enlist more trainees, these Field Officers and Inspectors will help spread the welfare message and address cases of animal neglect, cruelty and disaster situations.  Education is a vital component of animal protection, as is law enforcement in cases of malicious cruelty, such as dogfighting.

Pieter Twine, General Manager of MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, extended his thanks to the loyal and generous supporters of the programme who enabled the donation: “Our programme is proof that every single person can make a big difference. Over a million people are swiping their MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet cards every month, and the impact of each small gesture is massive. Thanks to the support of cardholders, we can assist organisations such as the NSPCA to continue doing valuable community work.”

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