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Setting records and raising funds is just some of the ways Reach for A Dream celebrates 33 years of making dreams come true for children who are gravely ill.

Over the past three decades, the Reach for a Dream Foundation has worked tirelessly to fulfil the dreams of children facing life-threatening illnesses in South Africa. And despite these trying times, the team is still committed to creating a little happiness for its dream children.

Relying wholly on donations, Reach for a Dream has been amazed by the willingness of ordinary South Africans to keep giving — even during a pandemic and a challenging economic downturn.  So much so, that the team has seen an extra 771 new supporters through MySchool.

Reach for a Dream children and their gifts

This year, the Foundation held its most successful and celebrated fundraising campaign ‘Slipper Day.’ Reach for a Dream also collaborated with My Kitchen Rules Chefs J’Something and David Higgs to host the biggest cook-along the world has ever seen — with an event called ’Cooking for Dreams.’ Along with raising funds, Reach for A Dream broke a Guinness World Record for the most people cooking online simultaneously.

Celebrating its 33rd birthday this July, it’s a great opportunity for the Foundation team to reflect on the past three decades and look ahead to many more — of making dreams come true for South Africa’s children who need to believe in hope!

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