Ted and friend relaxing at TEARS

TEARS | One tough Ted


Thanks to a caring Christmas call, and the TEARS team that got to him in time, little Ted is now looking forward to a life of love and hope.

Little Ted is one tough little Christmas miracle!  When The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) Emergency team picked up the phone on Christmas Day, a woman reported seeing a starving little dog running through the streets in a low income area — in the worst condition she’d ever seen.

After describing how the terrified, matted dog was scurrying around desperately searching for food, she stayed with the dog until the team arrived.  TEARS Mobile Clinic staff set off at once to rescue little Ted — only managing to catch him using a blanket.

Ted's journey at TEARS

Being the first hike in a long time, CTEET’s Programme Coordinator, Justine Swartz, says it was clear how being at home (and having limited time being out and about) affected the group. This led to a very informative and in-depth discussion about fitness and the benefits of being consistent.

“We also chatted about soil erosion and fire breaks. The group noticed that the lack of vegetation left many areas loose and bare, causing erosion and making the hike more challenging. We all had to be a lot more careful and aware of unstable rocks. Chatting about the houses built on the mountain slopes, the learners also noted the fire breaks and discussed the dangers of fire outbreaks, especially in the hotter seasons”.

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