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Meet Alana! She is a gorgeous three-year-old mixed breed dog currently under the care of TEARS Animal Rescue, a non-profit animal welfare organisation serving the Western Cape’s South Peninsula. At first glance, Alana seems to be a typical happy, healthy canine with a playful and curious nature. Sadly, her story is a painful contrast to her sweet personality…

In June 2019, Alana was found in a small backyard in Ocean View, a township near Kommetjie. She spent her life starved to the bone and tied to a short chain by her previous owner. Upon arrival, TEARS was shocked to discover a dog so thin and in such desperate need of veterinary care – it was lucky that she was still alive. Once Alana was rescued and taken to TEARS, she was immediately rushed to the Welfare Clinic where she was seen by a vet who found that, amazingly, she was not suffering from any health issues as a result of her emaciation.

The impact of unemployment and the rising cost of living have dire consequences for low-income households, and in turn, the animals living either as pets or strays. Generally, these dogs are chained up and unable to find any food source to improve their situation. Starvation leads to muscle deterioration, bone issues, skin issues, decreased immunity and ultimately organ failure, making it life-threatening. Many dogs who are chained up and starved over a long period of time display sores on their bodies, showing signs of having been restrained and made to constantly sit or lie on hard, cold surfaces.

Luckily for Alana, she was put on a strict diet plan to help her put on weight and she slowly began to gain her strength. Today, she has transformed into a lovable and trusting canine companion. Mandy Store, TEARS Operations Manager, says “It’s a miracle that Alana is alive today – she has endured a lot throughout her short life and deserves to be adopted into a loving home. She would love to accompany her new owner for walks and follow them excitedly around the house. And, after the day is done, she’d enjoy curling up at her new owner’s feet – she is a favourite here at TEARS.”

Having operated for 20 years, TEARS’ mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals. Serving the Ocean View, Vrygrond, Masiphumelele and Redhill communities, the animal rescue centre offers veterinary services, manages kennels and a cattery, and provides a mobile animal clinic. Relying on the support of caring individuals and corporates, its mission is to bring relief to animals in distress, whether through intervention, education, medical assistance or rehoming.

Help vulnerable animals like Alana get the help they need to find their forever homes.
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