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Bringing new packs of storybooks to primary schools across Kwazulu-Natal, Biblionef is helping teachers grow a love of reading in classrooms.

Reading is a powerful tool when it comes to addressing poverty and inequality. Yet, worrying statistics (2017 Progress in International Reading Literacy (PIRLS) study) show that 78% of all South African Grade 4 children cannot read for meaning in any language.

To help address illiteracy and inequality, Biblionef is using its latest funds boost of R272 000 (from MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet) to expand its support across KZN. That means, another 10 primary schools in the Hammarsdale area will receive storybooks and training.

For the 40 Foundation Phase (grades R to 3) teachers, they’ll get 20 books each in the children’s home language and English —plus vital training on how to incorporate the storybooks into their daily lesson plans.

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Igniting a love for reading

To get children excited about reading, Biblionef aims to provide teachers with the vital resources they need. In rural areas where many children have had very little stimulation — either because of poverty or a lack of preschool access — teachers have to help bridge the learning gap.

Through fun-filled, hands-on interactive activities, Biblionef equips these teachers with curriculum-aligned guidelines they can use immediately in the classroom. As well as making it fun for kids, teachers also enjoy making the learning of reading an inspirational experience.

Workshops give teachers practical examples of how to do storytelling to engage learner. As they learn how to use the storybooks within the school curriculum, Biblionef aims to get teachers to understand how important they are in getting children excited about reading.

And as teachers and learners get excited, overall reading ability grows as a positive reading culture is created within schools.

About Biblionef

Biblionef is a registered Non-Profit Company, set up in 1998 by a former Dutch Ambassador, donates new storybooks to organisations with an educational focus, e.g., schools, ECD Centres, literacy organisations, drop-in centres, children’s homes, etc. These books help raise literacy levels and create the right circumstances to foster a love for reading.

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