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Helping grow teachers for the future, Realema is supporting four more talented individuals through the Dream2Teach Fund.

With its goal to produce motivated teachers to impact the lives of children aged 3—8 years old, St Peter’s is playing an important role in addressing South Africa’s education crisis.

The Times in 2015 reported, “there will be a severe shortage of teachers in the foundation phase by 2020 if the number of teaching graduates in that phase continues to fall.” In 2017, it was revealed that 80% of grade 4s cannot read at the appropriate level.  Without this fundamental skill, little learning can take place.

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Thanks to its latest donation of almost R250K, St Peter’s will be able to fund a further four student interns on its programme. Funds from MySchool’s Dream2Teach programme and Thuso Fund will be used to pay for tuition fees, psycho-social support, books and stationery.

St Peter’s focus on teachers in the ECD (Grade 000 and 00) to foundation phase of teaching (Grade 0 to 3) is aimed at addressing the entire phase of a child’s fundamental learning on which strong foundations for higher education can be built. Its next objective is to extend this into the Intermediate Phase (grades 4 to 7) where major gaps lie in specialist teaching subjects.

One teacher can impact two generations of learners and with South Africa’s current shortage of teachers, there’s a pressing need to grow more quality teachers in South Africa.

Dream2Teach continues to support organisations that help budding teachers achieve their dreams to teach — through holistic support, funding and work experience.