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While training and supporting communities across Africa, SAVE Foundation is helping conserve our precious wildlife.

With its broad goals to empower various communities and promote wildlife conservation efforts, SAVE Foundation supports over 30 exciting projects across Africa.

Founded in 2006, the non-profit Cape Town-based organisation connects these projects with a wide range of supporters who share their vision. In over 15 years, SAVE has expanded its scope to include projects which include conservation development and sustainable community outreach, both in South Africa and beyond — into Uganda, Namibia and Malawi.

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In South Africa, SAVE supports multiple Educare Centres in many ways. From providing two hot meals to children during the week, it also serves over 1000 disadvantaged young people. With food security always under pressure, malnutrition and ill health can often impact child development. To further bolster its efforts to protect these young minds, SAVE has helped with the planting and maintenance of 7 vegetable gardens, providing homegrown, nourishing food to five soup kitchens.

SAVE Foundation supporter reading to children

Some of SAVE Foundation’s other proud achievements are:
• 6 Preschools built and begun
• 720 Children taught computer literacy
• 240 Children taught to swim
• 85 Children taught to surf

Extending its commitment across Africa means including the incredible work of wildlife conservationists. With the continent home to a vast variety of wildlife (and some of the most endangered species in the world), SAVE supports focused preservation efforts. As well as helping to rehabilitate animals back into the wild, it also includes conservation projects which create a safe environment for those animals unable to return.

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