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Future-focused on developing children in Kliptown, Little Rose Centre is providing a place of shelter to empower, educate and feed young minds.

For 18 of the 140 children attending the centre every day, Little Rose is home. For the others, it’s a home away from home — where day care services, kindergarten and after school programs keep children safely entertained and supported.

Located in Kliptown, Little Rose Centre is a project that supports one of Gauteng’s most impoverished communities. With high unemployment and HIV/AIDS rates, Kliptown is plagued by high levels of crime which impact the safety of young children who live there.

Little Rose Centre youth group session

Founded in 1997, Little Rose NPO became the first creche in Kliptown and today has a team of committed volunteers to care for the needs of youth and adult members of the community. Offering over ten activities, Little Rose is determined to create a better future for young children — with educational support, reading programs, homework assistance, computer, music and dance classes, to name a few.

Little Rose Centre youth group session
Little Rose Centre young children

Inspired to work closely with people in the community, Little Rose is committed to bringing about positive change for every child — in an area where child-headed homes are a stark reality for many. One example is through its Food programme for HIV/Aids affected Community members, with other initiatives such as:

Little Rose Creche


Giving the youngest minds a sound preparation for school readiness especially in learning English and receiving regular meals, the creche gives parents the opportunity to leave their children in safe hands while they’re at work.

Computer help


A Fujitsu-sponsored computer lab provides a space to offer computer training to staff and shelter kids, with necessary software for the computers.

Homework Assistance


Providing individual help with schoolwork, the programme splits children into grades and offers a daily meal after school.

Music and Dance Classes


Offering creative cultural workshops for traditional music and dance, children build their self-confidence through regular public performances that help grow the programme sustainably.

Feeding Program


Little Rose kitchen prepares meals for up to 140 children a day to provide minimum nutrition — while reaching out to a wider range of community members through its soup kitchen.

Reading program


Children enjoy a visit to the library to experience the pleasure of book-reading with a toy library where children and adults find a safe place to share, talk, read or play.

Shelter home


Today, 18 children between the age of 7 to 16 have found shelter and a home at Little Rose Centre — in safe and lovely living spaces in adapted containers (which means facilities are moveable)!

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