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PPS Foundation bursary students now have an opportunity to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, to contribute to a brighter future for all. Forming part of its mother brand, the PPS Foundation is focused on investment in human potential. Since its set up in 2016, the programme provides bursary funding to full-time university students who are studying within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, (STEM) fields, based on their financial need and academic record.
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In 2019, the Foundation’s Bursary Programme awarded 60 bursaries to future professionals – and helped wipe out past study debts for five students. These beneficiaries represent varied qualifications such as veterinary science, psychology, physics, biotechnology, medical studies and more. Aligned with its overall ethos of ‘success is better shared’, the aim of the programme is to open the door to students who want to pursue a tertiary education and contribute to a better South Africa.

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Bursaries are comprehensive, covering payments for tuition, textbooks, meals and accommodation. During the pandemic the Foundation also sponsored students with 3G cards and some with digital devices – to ensure beneficiaries are able to make the most of their opportunity from start to finish.

PPS Foundation banner and graduates
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Zimbini and Nombini Mthimkhulu, twins from Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape, are now qualified doctors who both pursued a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree (MBChB). “Many of our friends and neighbours do not have tertiary education as a result of not having bursaries. Some have dropped out of tertiary institutions because they don’t have access to funding.” Coming from a single-parent household, the Mkhimkhulu twins are honoured to have been given an opportunity to become South Africa’s future doctors.
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Another beneficiary is Jet Joshua Hendricks, who is studying towards a qualification in electrical and computer engineering. His ambitions and interests in machine learning and the building of apps and websites aligns with the nation’s agenda to meet the urgent need for high-level skills in STEM areas.

Jet applied for two bursaries before being granted the PPS Bursary and is a perfect example of the type of skilled individuals the country will need if we want to remain relevant in a fast-changing, data driven world.

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