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Boost your child’s school results! WorksheetCloud is now a proud partner of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet fundraising programme, offering an easy way to help your child prepare for school tests and exams.

WorksheetCloud makes it easy to help your child prepare for school tests and exams

Studying can be stressful! WorksheetCloud saves you time and stress by giving you and your child easy access to hundreds of online and printable school worksheets in subjects like English, Afrikaans, Maths, Natural Science, Geography, History and Life Skills.


All worksheets and tests can be completed online and are marked immediately, to give your child instant hints, tips and feedback to boost their results and confidence.

WorksheetCloud includes

My Worksheet Plan

WorksheetCloud adapts to your child’s learning. Relevant worksheets are provided at specific times of the year to keep your child on track, all based on the CAPS curriculum.

Earn Coins & Awards

Learning becomes a game with WorksheetCloud. By answering questions, your child collects coins and awards. The more they practice, the more they ear

Progress Reports

Get a clear view of your child’s progress throughout the year. Advanced reports show your child’s weak and strong points, so you know where to focus. You’ll never have to set another practice test again.

All CAPS-based school worksheets are based on the current South African school curriculum and aligned with the South African Department of Education.


Sign up in minutes, and enjoy an exclusive R100 off your WorksheetCloud subscription as a MySchool supporter. We’ll also give a percentage of your monthly subscription back to your chosen school or charity, at no cost to you!


It’s smart learning, better school results and giving back all in one!