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Providing relevant digital skills needed in the workplace, ORT SA aims to fight unemployment by boosting individual employability.

In a 2016 analysis of online job market trends, it was revealed that Information Communication and Technology (ICT) is the top employment sector in South Africa — a trend that’s likely to continue going forward.

That’s why ORT SA is wanting to equip unemployed youth to move into today’s working world — with the computer skills they need. By improving the standard of education through empowerment and support, ORT SA thrives on developing teachers, youth, businesses and communities across the nation.

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Through its Digital Ready for Work programme, ORT SA provides training and mentoring as it delivers a range of 10 courses from Microsoft, Cisco, Google and IBM.  These short courses offer pathways to a career in IT, and include topics such as cyber security, Internet of Things, graphic design, editing and more. 

With the help of MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet funding, up to 30 students will receive all handouts and learning materials, with online and face to face support. On completion, they’ll receive on-the-job training and share their journey on radio to inspire others.

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