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From humble beginnings as a soup kitchen, Ladles of Love now feeds more than 30 000 people a day and is helping grow food security in South Africa.

Providing food for the body, soul and communities, Ladles of Love is about more than meal provision.  It’s about dignity, respect, and creating the kind of world we all want to live in.

Starting its journey as a single soup kitchen serving 70 hot meals almost eight years ago, Ladles of Love now actively contributes to 10 of the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  And through many other community kitchens, schools, social enterprises and NPOs, millions more vulnerable people are receiving the help they need.

These incredible programmes are run by its Love Activists (the people who make it all happen) and include:

Feeding programmes – feeding more than 30 000 people a day:

Nourish our children

A child cannot focus — let alone learn — on an empty stomach. That’s why Nourish our Children education programmes in schools are so important.  With almost 70% of children living below the poverty line in South Africa, nutrition education is vital in helping understand the importance of good nourishment in the development of growing bodies and minds.

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Fill a Pot

Through one of its social upliftment programmes, Ladles of Love sources, procures and secures donations of fresh produce, pulses, grains, soup mixers and essential cooking ingredients. These all go to filling the pots of its community soup kitchens on a twice-weekly basis.

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Dignity kitchens

Serving over 2,500 meals a week to unhoused people in Cape Town, a piece of bread with some hot soup made with fresh vegetables can mean everything to vulnerable families in need of support.

Caregivers showing their love
Sandwich and grocery distribution with a smile

Sandwich and grocery drive – providing food and essentials in a crisis:

More than 150 000 sandwiches are distributed monthly (down from about 450k in the peak of the COVID crisis), to the many people still without income and reeling from the effects of the pandemic.
To help other individuals, community leaders, soup kitchens, and independent non-profit organisations to keep up with demand, Ladles of Love started a drive to collect groceries and distribute other essential items (think toiletries, dried goods, non-perishables, and more).

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Addressing food security

Realise a Dream is a successful annual food entrepreneurship and programme that focuses on food security and job creation.

Children happy and healthy


Feed The Soil is an urban farming initiative to help farmers grow better produce. The programme aims to create healthy compost from food waste to actively form part of its new urban farming ecosystem.

Ladles of Love

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