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MySchool | Aiding Grow EduCare during the COVID-19 pandemic


GROW Educare Centres was born from a deep desire among a group of social entrepreneurs to address the lack of quality early childhood development (ECD) education in marginalised communities in South Africa. “Poor quality early learning for children in developing communities is a life sentence to poverty and inequality. Our GROW Educare Centres are making 5 Star education accessible and affordable while also equipping women to run professional businesses,” says Tracey Chambers, CEO of the nonprofit.

GROW ECD Centres serve developing communities around SA, ensuring that more children have the opportunity to receive the development schooling they need for future success.

To flatten the Covid 19 curve, all 44 GROW Educare ECD Centres have been closed.  To ensure long term growth and sustainability in these ECD centres, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has donated R100 000 to their cause.

Here is what GROW is doing during COVID19 lockdown to ensure it continues to serve disadvantaged communities: 

1. Activity Kits for Parents

The ECD centres are equipping parents with educational activity kits and tips which children can do at home.

2. Support learning from home

Sharing practical parenting tips and ideas on their social media channels to help parents continue with home-schooling.

3. Digital training for ECD teachers

GROW are pivoting their business model (which requires a lot of training and mentoring of teachers and business owners) to embrace online and digital learning. They are making sure that teachers and teacher interns can continue to develop their skills.

4. Implementing an ECD app

GROW has launched a mobile app which helps ECD centres manage their entire business from the palm of their hands. During the lockdown period they are training and implementing the app effectively.

5. Tips to help ECD centres survive

GROW has developed a comprehensive document on tips for ECD Centres to help them survive the Coronavirus. The document guides ECD owners on managing and keeping their staff, protecting their cashflow, supporting parents and protecting children.

Help GROW Educare Centres protect these small businesses in developing communities. We need early learning centres to be ready to serve their communities as soon as lockdown ends. You can help by swiping your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card when shopping online at our partners or by swiping your card when doing your essentials shopping run at our partner stores.


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