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This World Food Day we hail the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet causes that are working to provide food security and nutrition for those most in need.

With around 820  million people (and rising) going hungry across the globe and approximately 6.8 million people affected by hunger in South Africa according to United Nations News, the message this #WorldFoodDay is clear:  To create a future where everyone has secure access to affordable and healthy food.

As MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet causes continue to work tirelessly to ensure food reaches those most in need, COVID-19 has pushed an already delicate food system close to a breaking point, which has led us to partner with Gift of The Givers to provide emergency hunger relief packs to 760 families across South Africa.

A future where sustainable food systems provide healthy and nutritious food, while providing decent livelihoods for food workers and protecting our natural resources and biodiversity is possible .  And everyone has a role to play, from making sustainable food choices to swiping for these #foodheroes:

Breadline Africa

Supporting nearly 50 projects across four provinces, Breadline Africa is focused on providing hot meals to young children. Delivering more than 81 000 meals a week, the team has also been distributing food parcels across the country to those plunged into desperation amid the pandemic.

The Lunchbox Fund

The only national school nutrition provider to design programmes for different education settings, the Lunchbox Fund gets nutritional meals to 30 000 vulnerable children every day.

That was before lockdown — where 43% of children under the age of four lived in food insecure homes.  Now, the number is greater as COVID-19 left children without daily school meals and people without livelihoods.

Swipe for The Lunchbox Fund to grow the 140 000 relief emergency food parcels (distributed since April) and to get its school nutrition programmes up and stronger than ever before.

Food Forward SA

With a third of all food in SA ending up in landfills (while 14 million people go hungry), FoodForward SA recovers quality surplus food and distributes it to community organisations serving the poor.  As unemployment leaves one in three adults going to bed hungry, fear and social distress is leaving many hopeless.  Inundated with COVID-19 food support requests (and the impact expected to continue for at least 18 months to two years), FoodForward SA is now supporting more than a thousand organisations that reach close to half a milliion people directly.

Swipe to help reduce food waste and get it to those most vulnerable with FoodForward SA.

African Children's Feeding Scheme

By highlighting the importance of the right to quality and affordable food for children and poor families across Gauteng, the African Children’s Feeding Scheme (ACFS) is focused on local food production — especially in urban areas.

As well as distributing food parcels and hosting a volunteer event to work in its gardens, ACFS wants to shine a light on small vegetable gardens this World Food Day — which can actually provide food for families throughout the year and create an opportunity for income generation by selling any excess.

Help support the African Children’s Feeding Scheme with every swipe, and support sustainable food production.

Do More Foundation

Nearly 10 million children, and an additional 2.4 million young children aren’t able to access food through school and ECD feeding programmes.  Aiming to provide 10 million meals to vulnerable children and their families, the Do More Foundation is providing a fortified DO MORE sorghum-based porridge at scale to reach children directly or via the food packs sent out by large NGOs

Swipe to help support the Do More Foundation in reaching more children— where every R1 feeds one adult or two children.

Ladles of Love

Community Gardens and Kitchens are a top priority for Ladles of Love —aiming to get young people  involved in leading the way to food security.  By inviting social entrepreneurs and ‘agri-preneurs’, Ladles of Love want to support people through training, equipment and seeds to start businesses and provide for their families and local community markets in a sustainable way.

Swipe for Ladles of Love to help people enjoy the fruits of their own community gardens.

Help stamp out hunger and secure food sustainability this World Food Day (and every day) by supporting any of these incredible beneficiaries.