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Kitty and Puppy Haven | Fun-time for fur-babies


Mental stimulation (and fun) is key to animal care at Kitty and Puppy Haven — where fun and games help before they find their furever homes.

One of the moments of pure joy in working with animals, caring for abandoned, unwanted, or abused pets lies in those wonderful times where they get to play and express their normal behaviour.

Puppy Haven residents pose for camera

Going beyond the idea that animal shelters are simply there to feed and house animals, Kitty and Puppy Haven takes a different approach. There, it’s not about numbers. It’s about finding the right home for each animal, no matter how long it takes. As a pro-life animal shelter, this means it’ll have long-term residents — adult cats and dogs that will stay for years until the right home opens up. Until then, this shelter is their home — their safe place to play, run, and be happy. By using toys and games to stimulate every animal in its care, the team give them the chance to think, plan, and solve puzzles, all with a reward at the end. Dedicated carers believe these aren’t luxuries, but essentials that provide every cat, kitten, dog, and puppy the life they deserve — making their time at Kitty and Puppy Haven a joyous, fun one, before they go to their furever homes.

Kitty and Puppy Haven relies entirely on donations to add new toys and games for its new arrivals and long-term residents. Some of these games are easy to create, and you can make them yourself such as The hidden treat game. All you need is an old muffin pan, some tennis balls, and treats. Simply place tennis balls in each muffin tray, and treats below one or two of the tennis balls. Your pet will love the chance to sniff, scratch, and dig away till they find those delicious morsels.

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