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Suffering from fatigue and a malnutrition-related condition, three-year-old Ngwako has a new lease on life. With millions of children like him often going to bed hungry, JAM SA’s life changing nutrition intervention means more kids can grow big and strong to fulfil their dream.

As millions of South African children go to bed hungry each day, the work of JAM SA has never been more important. Providing nutrient-rich meals to children in around 3000 preschools nationwide, the organisation aims to stamp out malnutrition. For three year old Ngwako Mmutlana, this support was life-changing.

Today, Ngwako walks happily alongside his mother to school. His smile is a welcome sign of health after battling a dreadful condition caused by malnutrition. Mom Tebogo can’t stop hugging her little boy as she described how her son’s health deteriorated before her eyes.

Ngwako, a usually bubbly and happy little boy, had be come lethargic, unresponsive and covered in a terrible skin rash. His overwhelming fatigue meant he was unable to cry or make any interactive sounds. For Tebogo, watching her son become lifeless before her eyes was devastating and left her feeling utterly helpless.

Hoping to see her child develop and get better, she enrolled Ngwako at Kgotso Early Childhood Development Centre in Gauteng — adopted within JAM’s nutritional intervention programme.

After measuring Ngwako’s arms and weight to height proportion, the JAM team confirmed he was suffering from severe malnutrition.

Once alerted to his condition, JAM gave his mom its CSS+ fortified nutritional meals — providing approximately 75% of the micronutrients required for vital body development.

Since then, both mom and teachers saw an incredible improvement in his health and wellbeing. Within a couple of months, the skin rash disappeared; Ngwako became responsive and began interacting with others again.

Today, Ngwako is an energetic little boy who plays and engages with other children and has shown great progress in his development. For Tebogo, it’s a dream come true — where Ngwako can grow big and strong and fulfil his dreams.

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