Inside Chic Mamas Do Care Durban's impactful journey

A volunteer-driven organization making a profound impact on early childhood development in neighbouring communities.


Chic Mamas Do Care is a South African volunteer-based social enterprise and non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to support early childhood development projects in neighbouring communities. They sell good-quality pre-loved garments and engage in Swap4Charity at their shops in Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Additionally, they operate an online pre-loved marketplace called Love It Again.


The organization firmly believes that every child deserves the opportunity to grow in a safe and stimulating environment. Early childhood development (ECD) plays a crucial role in the battle against poverty, helping to reduce social and gender inequality while enhancing each child’s potential economic contribution to society.

Their goal is to equip and empower ECD centres under their wing to operate independently as self-sustaining schools. Over the past few months, Chic Mamas Durban has been very busy working with their three ECD centres, mentoring teachers, sourcing equipment and resources, and supporting infrastructure. At present, they have 25 volunteers who currently work shifts in the shop in Hillcrest, selling pre-loved garments, shoes, bags, and jewellery. All funds from the shop go towards uplifting their ECD centres

A large focus of Durban Chic Mamas is to invest heavily in the training and development of teachers. Five of their teachers obtained their First Aid Level 1 certificates in 2023, enabling them to better assist the children in their schools and also in their own communities. Currently, they are sponsoring five students who are attending Caversham Education Institute in Durban, where they will achieve a 3-year diploma in ECD. Lectures and workshops are mandatory, and the students are closely monitored and mentored by qualified staff on a regular basis

The teachers attended various other skills workshops regularly offered to enhance their training throughout the year. In 2023, they were able to set up vegetable gardens with the help of MySchool funds received to ensure the children receive a healthy midday meal. They also focus on sourcing sponsors to provide delicious and nutritious JAM porridge for them to start their day. Infrastructure and development of their schools are important parts of their focus, and they are currently completing an ablution block, awnings, and paving at two of the schools. New containers for classrooms are also currently being explored as their schools continue to grow and thrive.

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