Saving lives through breast cancer awareness

Women in South Africa are receiving free breast examinations and life-saving support thanks to the ILoveBoobies ZA charity.

ILoveBoobies is a non-profit organization in South Africa that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for breast cancer prevention and early detection. The organization was founded in 2017 by a group of friends who were inspired by their own experiences with breast cancer and the desire to help other women.


Since its inception, in 2017, the ILoveBoobies programs have positively impacted many people’s lives. ILoveBoobies has screened almost six thousand women from disadvantaged communities and has completed a comprehensive Breast Cancer and Breast Health educational and awareness-building campaign that has reached over 15 million people in South Africa.  ILoveBoobies has a global presence and is represented in 10 countries by 285 Volunteer Brand Ambassadors and Influencers.

The charity’s primary mission is to provide free breast examinations to South African women who are unable to access such medical services due to financial, locational, or social challenges. The organization also works to educate women about the importance of early detection and breast self-awareness.


They have a number of programs and initiatives in place to achieve its mission. One of its most popular programs is the “Boobies on the Move” mobile clinic, which travels to underserved communities to provide free breast examinations and screenings. The organization also offers a number of educational programs and resources, such as workshops on breast self-awareness and breast cancer risk factors.


ILoveBoobies aims to screen over 10,000 women per annum. Currently, we are screening 1200 women per year at a cost of R300 / screening. The screening interventions include:

  • ILoveBoobies specialist teams going into targeted communities and organisations.
  • Educating the women within the community/organisation about breast cancer and breast health. The focus is on empowering these women to expand on the ILoveBoobies ‘each-one teach-one’ program.
  • Performing a free breast examination on each woman.
  • Each woman also gets a free pair of ILoveBoobies socks.
  • With her permission, each woman is added to the ILoveBoobies bulk SMS reminder service, private database and is encouraged to form part of the ILoveBoobies social network community.
  • Every person screened is then scheduled to be re-screened every 24 months, as ongoing and sustainable screening is key.

ILoveBoobies is a vital resource for women in South Africa who are at risk of breast cancer. The organization’s work is helping to save lives by providing early detection and support to women who may not otherwise have access to these services

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