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With its mission to give vision care to the 1 in 7 people on our planet who need it, OneSight is making a brighter future clearer for all.

There are 1.1 billion people around the world who lack access to vision care.  This makes it a struggle for those who need glasses to meet the most basic needs of living.

Clear vision reveals to each of us what we’re capable of. And it’s the reason why OneSight has a clear mission: to eradicate the global vision care crisis in our lifetime.

For some, an eye care centre may be too far which means missing days of work.  Then again, it could be too expensive (often costing 3 months’ wage) or there are too many other obstacles in the way.

Yet the solution is simple and powerful.

Every person OneSight helps who needs a pair of glasses gets the frames of their choice — with lenses made just for them and the hope of realising their potential.

OneSight Gogo Anastasia getting an eye test

One such recipient was Gogo Anastasia:

Born on 21 January 1952, Anastasia was excited to experience eye testing and delighted by the staff and how she was welcomed. Hearing about OneSight at a hospital, she knew she should make her way there since experiencing vision problems since 2007 and not being well since then.

As the one taking care of her husband and siblings, she loves her home chores, especially ironing and cooking.

OneSight Gogo Anastasia getting an eye test
OneSight Gogo Matia's new glasses

“People must seek advice and help; they must not underestimate the situation/cause of having poor eyesight because it is not good at all. I would like to thank OneSight for coming up with the concept of seeing people that cannot afford, get prescription glasses and have access to vision care facilities because we only live by pension fund, which is not enough to sustain family needs to look after my needs. Words are not enough to express my appreciation”.

Gogo Matia shares a similar story. Referred to the eye clinic by a friend who stays in their neighbourhood, the 76 year-old had always been struggling with her vision and needed a high prescription to correct her vision. As soon as the centre was allowed to open during lockdown, Gogo Matia was finally given the chance to see clearly again!

For a very long time, Gogo Matia relied on others to help around the home. However, this has all changed after her visit to the vision centre. Her reaction was priceless as she put on her spectacles, shouting that everything was clear and beautiful.


When we see better, we live better

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