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Every baby is precious to the team at Baby Hope House — seeing to it that every little person gets the love and care they need before they’re placed in their forever homes.

At Baby Hope House, the people there believe it takes a village to raise a child. Caring for 103 babies over the past 14 years, its village of staff, volunteers, donors, adoptive parents and the wider community come together to care for babies before they’re placed in their forever homes.

Set up in 2001 by Sonia Swinton and the late Lynne Pieterse, Baby Hope House was founded to address the challenge of babies living in hospitals because there were no foster facilities available.

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Each little life placed in their care is precious and babies are typically there for a very short period of time. Aiming to make that short time count, Baby Hope House has cared for 103 babies who have either been re-united with their biological families or united with their adoptive families.

A team of highly skilled and passionate professionals offer their skills on a pro-bono basis to address any physical challenges, and include Paediatricians, an Occupational Therapist, an Optometrist, an Audiologist and a Clinic Sister.

Baby Hope House baby feet
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From retired grannies to fun-loving teenagers and busy moms, community volunteers pop in during the week to provide vital cuddles and playtime to support each baby’s well-being and all-round development — while helping prepare them to slot right into their forever families.

Beyond the centre, Baby Hope House shares anything it’s not using with the wider community. Helping moms who have to take their baby home wrapped in newspaper, baby starter packs help get mom started with blankets, clothing – up to a year old, dummy, bottles, toiletries, nappies, and something special for mom. Delivered to RK Khan Hospital, King George Hospital and 11th Hour, it’s just another way of helping encourage moms not to abandon their babies because of a lack of resources.

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