Empowering school leaders

In a landscape where the future of education depends significantly on the capabilities of its leaders, initiatives like the School Leadership Forum (SLF) by Citizen Leadership Lab emerge as beacons of empowerment. Now in its Ninth year, SLF has been championing the cause of developing school leaders in South Africa. Sponsored by MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, SLF targets a crucial audience: school leaders, including principals, members of school management teams, and school governing bodies, particularly from under-resourced schools.

The purpose of SLF is clear: to equip school leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the demanding landscape of education. However, what truly sets SLF apart is its adaptability and resilience, showcased amidst the challenges of 2022 and 2023. Despite the adversities faced during these years, SLF emerged as a platform for growth and renewal.

Two key strategies played pivotal roles in this success story: the introduction of pop-up sessions and the seamless transition to virtual sessions. The pop-up sessions, initiated over the past two years, acted as catalysts for expanding SLF’s reach into new regions. By overcoming distance restrictions, SLF managed to engage with a diverse array of school leaders, enriching their knowledge and fostering a sense of community.


However, it was the transition to virtual sessions that truly propelled SLF to new heights. In the face of challenges, SLF embraced technology as an enabler, leveraging virtual platforms to conduct engaging and informative sessions. The virtual format not only facilitated broader participation but also enabled SLF to cover a wider range of subjects, catering to the diverse needs of school leaders across the country.

One of the most significant outcomes of this shift to virtual sessions was the accessibility of recordings on SLF’s YouTube channel. By leveraging digital platforms, SLF extended its reach, ensuring that valuable insights and knowledge were accessible to a wider audience, anytime, anywhere.

The success of SLF’s virtual sessions is evident in the high attendance figures, serving as a testament to SLF’s relevance and responsiveness to the evolving needs of school leaders.

Through initiatives like SLF, Citizen Leadership Lab exemplifies the potential for collective action to transform education and empower leaders to shape a brighter future for generations to come.

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