WHAT IS DREAM2TEACH? Dream2Teach is a teaching scholarship programme for talented matriculants who dream of becoming teachers, but who don’t have the financial means to achieve their dream

WHY DREAM2TEACH? South Africa has a shortage of qualified, passionate teachers. We believe that by helping grow more teachers in South Africa, we’re helping shape the people who teach and lead their communities, learners and fellow teachers. Our programme helps budding teachers achieve their dreams to teach with a bursary, teaching internships at top schools, and personalised support from start to end. We work with expert scholarship partners in the fields of education to make it a reality.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? Get a free card, download the app, add Dream2Teach as a beneficiary and link your Woolworths card.  1700 supporters = 1 Scholarship. If you would like a card in support of the Dream2Teach, click on the bottom below.


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