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Using sport to help young champs reach their full potential, CoolPlay is helping learners to reach for their dreams.

Striving to enrich the lives of its learners and guardians, the CoolPlay Programme uses sport to help change lives.  For Cheswin, a young learner from Kuils River Primary School, the opportunity to join the programme revealed his talents as sportsman and leader.

CoolPlay Cheswin close up

He joined the programme in 2016 in grade 5 and, as a shy learner, struggled to integrate with teammates. That’s until CoolPlay Champion Damion Barend spotted his potential.  Already one of the school’s top five academic learners, Cheswin started demonstrating his leadership abilities and was elected as prefect in grade 6 and 7.

Once nominated to attend the Western Province Rugby trials, he was able to show off his leadership and sporting abilities with confidence — even making it to the second last round.  Despite that success, Cheswin continued with his quest to become one of his school’s most outstanding learners, on and off the field.

He attributes his success to the values and beliefs he learned at the Coolplay programme, “Coolplay has taught me values that I can carry with me throughout my life’s journey.“  Under the guidance of Champion Damion over the past three years, he paid tribute to his coach as a friend in need, a brother and a father figure to the team — teaching everyone self-respect, self-discipline, respect for others and the ability to own up to their mistakes.

Now a positive, responsible and confident young man, Cheswin has started a new journey at Paul Roos Gymnasium.  Awarded a full five-year academic scholarship to attend this reputable school, he is positive about the future ahead.

I think my journey at Paul Roos will be good and successful. I will never forget my two mottos ‘Grow to greatness’ and ‘Semper Slendidior.”

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