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By addressing youth unemployment, Life Choices Studio is making digital waves by becoming a source of leading tech talent in Africa.
Life Choices Studio believes economic transformation and growth for the youth in Africa lies with technology. As a full-service web-development agency, the team is focused on harnessing youth talent in South Africa to service the tech needs of organisations. Skills needed in the digital economy are increasing and LC Studio wants to provide the right employment opportunities that will have an impact and help SA’s youth to thrive in the future employment landscape.
With a team that consists of senior developers and experienced freelancers, who work with and mentor young people, they can deliver professional and affordable tech services with confidence. They use professional training, skills advancement, and placement — as they deliver technological services to clients through innovative, bold, and bright ideas which enhance their digital presence at an affordable rate. To date, LC Studios has completed a range of exciting projects including tailored learning programs, wordpress development, website revamps and a variety of other work, in South Africa and abroad. As they transform lives, businesses, and brands using the art of technology, LC Studios is true to its vision of ‘doing good is good business’.

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