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Helping prepare school leavers, Christel House is helping get school leavers ready for the working world through a virtual speed interview event.

For many school leavers, the world of work can seem unreachable. Then add a tough economic climate and it may seem impossible…until now, thanks to Christel House South Africa —a non-profit school in Cape Town —that’s hosted a successful speed interview event with 15 human resource professionals from many industries.

The purpose of this unique, annual event is to help prepare students to join the workforce by helping them hone their interview skills. Using video conferencing technology, 38 Grade 12 students were split into small interview groups to spend time with an HR professional from an industry they were most interested in.

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Each student took part in one-to-one interview sessions, preparing a CV and researching the company before the mock interview.  Once they were done, each student was scored on an online review sheet — providing helpful feedback on preparation, etiquette and how they answered their questions.

“I have learnt so much about the world of work, having to be conscious of the challenges that I might face at a workplace. From an inexperienced persons point of view that still needs to go into the world of work, I have learnt that being on time is of importance, that at first you might make mistakes and most of all to always make the most of any situation. It was a very fruitful session, I

know for a fact that myself and all the matric’s that were interviewed, learnt so much,”

Zarah Alias—Grade 12 student at Christel House South Africa

The annual event forms part of Christel House’s comprehensive Careers Program —providing career education, guidance and support to its students from age five, when they enter the school in Grade R.  As a no-fee school, Christel House supports its students (from some of the most underserved and under-resourced communities on the Cape Flats) to five years post matric when they start their professional careers.

And it’s through the school’s character-based and career-focused education model that students are supported into gainful employment. Already proud of its 99% matric pass rate, 93% of Christel House’s alumni are studying or employed, compared to the national average of 68%.

Occasions like the Speed Interview event is crucial in exposing students to the world of work but also valuable in engaging corporate partners to develop internship, learnership and employment opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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