Wild vultures in pen

Bred 4 the Wild | One egg at a time


By saving surplus eggs from steep cliff faces, Bred 4 the Wild is helping to save the magnificent bearded vultures from extinction

With less than 400 bearded vultures still in the wild, these incredible birds are under serious threat.  That’s why ‘Bred 4 the Wild’ is hard at work to help save this critically endangered species from extinction.

Wild vultures bred in captivity

Backed by the African Raptor Trust, the bearded vulture breeding programme is focused on harvesting 20 to 30 second eggs from cliff-face nests to hatch and raise at the centre.  The birds live high in the Drakensburg mountains between Lesotho and South Africa, where breeding only happens once a year in winter and the elusive pairs lay two eggs — but only raise one chick!

Through this project, the breeding group will form a genetic reserve, to release the birds (once raised) back into the wild to help grow their numbers.

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