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At this moment, two billion people live without access to safe water. That’s why this World Water Day we’re shining a light on top water projects that you can support.

For almost three decades, World Water Day has been celebrated worldwide to build awareness of water security for all. Woolies Water Fund — set up in 2018 — has been making waves for water conservation by donating R4.5 million to schools and installing 132 water tanks across four provinces and more than 560 handwashing stations.

Its goal is to roll out 30+ sustainable water projects each year. By upgrading water pipes and gutters, and providing filtration systems, water tanks and borehole pumps, school learners and their communities now have regular access to clean, fresh water. That’s in addition to delivering 40 000 hand sanitisers, soap, bleach and masks to schools and communities in need

Looking forward, the Woolies Water Fund is targeting the Eastern Cape region of South Africa. An area still under extreme drought conditions. The dam levels remain at a worrying 6% over the past three years. The result: regular water shortages, leaks and bursts in municipal supply which impacts learning, cooking and sanitation, resulting in school closures and learners losing out on valuable education time.   

Along with ensuring a secure water infrastructure, there are a host of projects and partnerships to enhance water education, improve water management and boost access to water for farming and food supplies.

Water Education

To boost awareness across schools in South Africa, Woolies and MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet will deploy digital learning resources which includes activity sheets, worksheets and posters. To date, through the ‘Making The Difference’ programme, we have reached more than 300 000 learners in close to 600 primary schools across the nation — teaching good daily water habits in preserving this precious resource is of key.

For more information visit: https://mtd.woolworths.co.za



Farming for the Future

Already well-known across Woolies’ agriculture supply chain, Farming for the Future is helping farmers reduce their water footprint over time. Working hand in hand to tackle efficiency, soil quality, wastewater and alien vegetation, suppliers are regularly assessed to share data for the greater good.

Water balance and stewardship

To help address water risks in the supply chain, the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) has expanded its reach to Mpumalanga — an area strategically important for citrus fruit and nuts. Woolies also works with other key stakeholders in the Ceres area and along the Breede River to understand groundwater use levels.

To keep SA’s water resources protected, teams have been employed to remove and manage alien vegetation. And to ensure waterways are protected, Woolies has also committed to eliminating 11 key priority chemicals from its clothing supply

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