SPCA Ani-pals is on the move

Early exposure to humane education helps children develop an understanding of the value of all living beings. This means, it not only encourages empathy in a way that benefits animals, but it also helps to address other social evils, like bullying and discrimination. The SPCA’s education team, who have a passion for influencing young minds, takes their Western Cape Department of Education endorsed, award- winning puppet show, directly into classrooms. The program, Ani-Pals, is presented to Grade 3-5’s in underprivileged schools.
The puppet show, which teaches the 5 basics of pet care; food and water, shelter, exercise, preventative veterinary care and sterilisation. MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has collaborated with the SPCA for this project, sponsoring both the puppet show and the curriculum-aligned workbooks. These resources are accessible in English, Afrikaans, and isiXhosa, empowering teachers to reinforce the educational concepts in their classrooms.
The program offers an extended mobile clinic component, via the provision of free sterilisation services. Last year the programme led by 3 people reached 66 schools, influencing 7 616 young minds and sterilising 742 pets.

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