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Helping provide numeracy and literacy to children, African Angels receives their first iSchoolAfrica Digital library at their independent school in Chintsa East.

African Angels aim is to provide a quality primary education, that is founded in improving literacy and numeracy. Their independent school in Chintsa East is one of the first school in the Eastern Cape to receive a Digital Library.  Attaining this goal is a prerequisite for a achieving a quality education beyond primary school and hence to achieving socio-economic development.

African Angels a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiary is thrilled to be the first school in the Eastern Cape (and the 4th school nationally) to receive the iSchoolAfrica Digital Library. The Digital Library programme includes previously owned iPads, a library from Snapplify Foundation, curriculum content, the one billion numeracy app and teacher training by iSchoolAfrica.

Children have access to personalised learning sessions in both numeracy and literacy allowing them to work at their own pace and get immediate feedback.  The impact is measurable and each child’s progress is tracked.

Angels and Educators learning digitally

While access to this technology is amazing, it will be the integration of the programmes by the teachers into their daily teaching schedule which will accelerate our learners’ ability to improve their skills. Recognising this, the iSchoolAfrica Digital library is supported by an iSchool facilitator who is responsible for helping teachers implement the iSchool Digital Library into their lessons.

Lou Billett, Founder of African Angels says, “We are privileged to be partnered with iSchoolAfrica, whose support and guidance will be invaluable, so we can deliver the best possible education to our children, and help them change their futures, and those of their families.” You can support African Angels to carry on implementing creative ways of supporting children’s education in South Africa by selecting them as your MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet beneficiary and swiping your card.

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