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Making jobs accessible for people with disabilities, JOB-ABLED is connecting differently-abled individuals with real opportunities — to achieve their goals and enjoy a full life.

Access to jobs for people with disabilities has become a major problem in South Africa and around the world. And it’s why JOB-ABLED wants to become the go-to platform for any person with a disability looking for a job.

Powered by JOBJACK’s technology, JOB-ABLED has created a solution for people with disabilities (looking for a job or a job shadowing opportunity) and businesses needing employees. By making jobs accessible online, all people with disabilities can connect with relevant job opportunities

Some of these programmes include:

JOB-ABLED Job Shadow candidate

JOB-ABLED Job Shadowing Programme

The programme helps learners gain certified working experience for a set number of hours, once a week. JOB-ABLED partnered with special needs schools and McDonald’s to facilitate the job shadowing programme, which helps boost confidence and skills before entering the workforce.

JOB-ABLED Job Shadow candidate
New workers

JOB-ABLED Learnership and Job Placements

JOB-ABLED made 78 job placements for people with disabilities in 2021. By mid-2022, a further 70 people (like Nceba) were placed in a combination of jobs and learnerships with partnered companies like Woolworths, McDonald’s and KVR.

Nceba got a job at McDonald’s through JOB-ABLED. Since he started working, his confidence had grown, and he expressed that his job gives him a sense of belonging and purpose. Nceba was usually a shy person, but his work at McDonald’s helped him accept and embrace his abilities.

Sow a Bean with volunteers

JOB-ABLED and McDonald’s McCafé ‘Sow the Bean’ Programme

The McCafé’s Sow the Bean Initiative was started to recycle coffee grounds to sustain resources. JOB-ABLED has facilitated a relationship between McCafé’s Sow a Bean Initiative and Special Needs schools as an extension of the school’s curriculums — to get kids involved in a long-term project to teach them about sustainability, responsibility and growing their own vegetables

Sow a Bean with volunteers
JOB-ABLED Nceba McDonalds employee


Run every September, this virtual fun run shines a light on people with disabilities (and the opportunities available to them). Participants pay a once-off entry fee (to run 5 or 10km in their own time that day) and donations go to employees on JOB-ABLED’s platform to advance their job seeking opportunities, providing travel allowances and getting them work-ready.


Make sure people with disabilities have equal access to job opportunities with JOB-ABLED. Support The Homestead and Get a Free card or link Woolies card today.