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Through teaching and spotting talent, Lessons in Conservation is connecting people with wildlife to change communities and grow conservation champions.

Lessons in Conservation (LiC) believes that early education is the key to growing a generation that loves and accepts conservation in rural communities.

Founded in 2018, LiC created a six-lesson syllabus covering conservation and ecology, with attention on regional and country-specific issues. Lessons also often include the use of physical specimens (carcasses and preserved animals) and games, helping make sure they’re practical and interactive. As they learn the 6-lesson syllabus, children are also taken on excursions for a first-hand wildlife experience.

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As they teach, the LiC team finds incredible individuals in the most remote communities. Philemon from Zimbabwe is one such inspiring person — completely blind, yet the team reckons they learned more from him! On arrival, Philemon recited the most amazing and complicated poem on conservation (something he must have spent hours memorising). And it remains a moving memory for everyone as they saw his passion and care for the planet, knowing he would never see it for himself.

LiC is also spotting outstanding students who display drive, passion and a desire to work in conservation. These learners are then sponsored to complete a FGASA course — to become qualified game rangers and find continuous employment in the industry.  Learners such as Phiwo Masimula, who receive these bursaries, often go on to return to LiC and teach new generations to maintain a perpetual cycle of conservation.

With his infectious enthusiasm, Phiwo became LiC’s first student in its closed-loop cycle. Since then, Phiwo has personally taught hundreds of children every year, often simply with his laptop under the shade of a tree. And, as part of its development agreement, he frequently visits his home to work with his own community in the Shewula region.

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