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A little goes a long way… especially when it comes to Siyakhula Girls Project, helping raise young high school girls into confident women.

For young high school girls in semi-rural townships, life can be challenging. Many can’t attend after-school programmes — because of home commitments and needing to care for their younger siblings while their parents are at work.

With pressures at such a vulnerable age, these young women are also more susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse. They also face great levels of neglect, particularly from parents who don’t prioritise their personal hygiene and feminine health.

That’s why Siyakhula Girls Project is making such an impact. The initiative, led by Rivlife International Community Centre, is supporting the personal needs of these young high school girls. Each month, they spend time with them — offering counselling and support — and providing them with a free care pack of toiletries like sanitary pads and a beauty soap.
They also make sure that no young lady leaves without a warm meal and volunteer assistance with homework.
Rivlife Community Centre is a non-profit organisation in Eastwood, Pietermaritzburg. The team knows that raising a young girl is no easy feat but together, the community can produce young ladies who are empowered and confident.

Rivlife aims to create a better society by improving the living conditions of individuals and communities through the implementation of holistic and sustainable interventions. And they do this by taking care of the physical, economic, social and spiritual needs of the community.
Through Siyakhula Girls Project, at least 25 girls benefit each month. And in Women’s Month in August, they run a Siyakhula Care Drive to distribute over 300 care packs to other high school girls across Pietermaritzburg. Through real investment, they know they’ll see real transformation.

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