Joyful Smiles accepting school shoes
Joyful Smiles trying on school shoes

Giving back 2020 pairs of leather school shoes.

Many children in South Africa are currently going to school without school shoes due to lack of funds. These children often walk barefoot in order to get to or from school – a task that can become unforgiving, in the height of summer or the depths of winter. This is why MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet donated 2020 pairs of leather school shoes to those who need it the most.

4 Eastern Cape and 2 Western Cape primary schools were identified with an imperative need for providing their children with adequate school shoes.

Every time a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet supporter swiped their card when purchasing schoolwear at Woolworths, during their back-to-school season, an additional donation was made towards the funds needed for the 2020 pairs of shoes in January 2020.

Through this initiative we were able to ensure that these children were equipped to start their school year off in comfort.