carry_bagLess is more. Old is new. Recycle.

There are simple steps we all can take to reduce plastic waste.

Plastic is a useful commodity, and too valuable to waste. Use it wisely and sparingly.

IKingsway School Rocci - The school building, we call it the White House, with the staffroom and one classroommagine a situation in Randburg South Africa, where a grade 1 pupil, full of excitement and expectation in her first day of school, is crammed into a poorly lit container with 60 peers.

Now, expect of her to learn to read and write in a language foreign to her mother’s tongue and comprehend the foundations of mathematics.


On Monday, 27 June 2011 it was the turn of local school principals to be learners again as 210 principals from schools around the Western Cape attended a Quality Management conference where they learned how to more effectively run their schools. The seminar, taking place at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa was jointly organised by the Western Cape Education Department, Woolworths and the MySchool fundraising programme in conjunction with the Cape Teaching & Leadership Institute (CTLI) who is responsible for in-service teacher training.

Less than 3% of the world’s water is fresh and drinkable, and of that 2.5% is frozen in glaciers, leaving us with only 0.5% for all our fresh water needs. The solution is that every drop counts. As individuals we often feel overwhelmed when faced with the environmental challenges facing our planet. We think that there is nothing we can do. It’s ok to start small - every drop counts.