Back to Africa joins MyPlanetMyPlanet keeps getting bigger! In the past 12 months we have raised over R1.2 million for "planets" and signed up more than 65 new environmental and animal welfare charities. MyPlanet continues to be our fastest growing beneficiary group which tells us that people care about the conservation of our animals and environment.

We are proud to welcome Back to Africa on board our MyPlanet trail.

Geza and Nom Jan 2006Guest Writer: Dr William Fowlds (wildlife veterinarian).

This is the story of a white rhino callously mutilated by poachers and left alive with his horns and part of his face hacked off with pangas, as told through the eyes of Dr William Fowlds who witnessed the Rhino’s final hours.  

Please consider that the content of this article may affect sensitive readers.

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CHOC receives R10 000Breaking October news!

The Childhood Cancer Association (CHOC) in the Eastern Cape recently sent out an appeal for support via local radio station Algoa FM. MySchool responded with a donation of R10 000 which the organisation will use to provide continued support to children suffering from childhood cancer and their families.