RecycleWoolworths and Engen make it easier for you to recycle.

South Africa produces about 40 million tons of waste every year and more than a third of it is domestic waste. Most of it ends up in landfill sites and the fact is, quite a lot of what we throw away can be recycled. That's why we're trying to make it easier for you to recycle.

stpauls smallFollowing this request: Help us to reach 5000 facebook fans and we will donate R5000 to St. Paul’s Primary School in Cape Town. This needy school appealed to MySchool recently with a desperate need for positive play activities at their school – many learners have no creative outlet for their energy - We are happy to report that thanks to your outstanding support and compassion, we have reached our goal! Let's celebrate! St. Paul's PS, that playgym is on its way...

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I'm in matric now - what happens to my MySchool card?It’s November, Matric exams are underway and in a few month’s time, your child’s high school education will be over. Time really does fly! 

MySchool would like to thank you for your contribution to your child’s school over the past years.

We ran the race!The southern suburbs was awash with colour as 2000 energetic kids, brightly clad in their yellow Move for Health T-shirts, made their mark in the “6km MySchool Move for Health” event on Sunday 6 November. This formed part of the Landmark’s event and was co-organised by the Western Province Cricket Club (WPCC) running section and the Sports Science Institute of SA. Over 1000 children decided to Move for Health this year with MySchool and partners...