How to make an easy origami rhino

STEP 1: Get a square piece of paper.

STEP 2: Fold and unfold

Step 3: Fold the edges to the center

STEP 4: Fold and unfold.

STEP 5: Fold to the center

Step 6: Pre-crease

STEP 7: Squash fold

STEP 8: Fold

Step 9: Fold

Did you know?

The MyPlanet rhino fund donated over R700 000 towards emergency relief funds for public and private rhino reserves, specifically to support security during Covid-19.

STEP 10: Repeat steps 8–9 on the right side

STEP 11: Bisect angles

Step 12: Pre-crease

STEP 13: Pre-crease

STEP 14: Fold to half way. Unfold flaps on the right

Step 15: Pleat, then turn over

STEP 16: Fold to the vertical line

STEP 17: Squash fold each side

Step 18: Turn over

Did you know?

FoxBat aircraft, funded by the MyPlanet rhino fund is active and delivering success through anti-poaching activities, in Satara in Kruger National Park.

STEP 19: Fold 2/3 on each side

STEP 20: Refold the diagonals, adding a thin squash fold on each side

Step 21: Pleat again as shown

STEP 22: Fold horn

STEP 23: Fold model in half along spine, allowing the eye flaps to swing out

Step 24: Move the horn up to position

STEP 25: Move the head down

STEP 26: Round the shoulders and fold on corners

Step 27: Congratulations!