Footprints in the Fynbos | Cape Leopard trust

Cape Leopard Trust is bringing stories of leopards alive for young learners in Vredendal — and giving them their very own storybook to treasure.

A creative approach is what’s needed when it comes to ensuring the continued survival of leopards in the wild. That’s why The Cape Leopard Trust Environmental Education team released its new book ‘Footprints in the Fynbos’ to learners in Vredendal.

The conservation-themed children’s books were delivered to Vredendal North Primary School — located in a rural area — where many young learners have never owned their own storybook before.

The story follows a young leopard called ‘Leeto’ on his journey to ‘find a friend’. Along the way, he meets charismatic characters and learns some valuable lessons based on real threats that leopards face.

Along with receiving a copy, the forty children enjoyed an entertaining lesson on the differences between leopards and cheetahs.  With detailed illustrations (and an easily digestible facts section), learners also have fun activity pages to complete — perfect for entertaining young minds.

Printed in a dyslexic-friendly font, the book is easily accessible for young learners, and is available in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and in Braille.

The Cape Leopard Trust (set up in 2004) is thrilled to be able to use MySchool funds to help improve inclusivity, literacy and spread awareness about the need to protect leopards and their habitats.  By focusing on research, conservation and education, the NGO will continue to support the protection of leopard habitat and prey species, promote peaceful coexistence between leopards and people, and foster community custodianship of the Cape’s unique biodiversity.

Protect our precious leopard for generations to come.

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