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Wins for Water | Woolies Water Fund

At this moment, two billion people live without access to safe water. That’s why this World Water Day we’re shining a light on top water projects that you can support. For almost three decades, World Water Day has been celebrated worldwide to build awareness of water security for all. Woolies Water Fund — set up […]

Iris House Children’s Hospice | Making every day count

Offering high quality respite care and support to children with special needs and life-limiting conditions, Iris House Children’s Hospice is a safe sanctuary for families. For families with children affected by life-threatening conditions, Iris House Children’s Hospice is a sanctuary — providing care and support during very difficult times. Iris House was formed in June […]

SA Guide Dog Association | Best friend bonds

Supporting people with disabilities. SA Guide Dogs Association is changing lives for the better with the help of human’s most trusted companions. Johannes Heyns was recently paired with Doug — his first Guide Dog.  He’s been blind for 32 years, after he was diagnosed with a cancer called Retinoblastoma when he was only three years […]

Munch SST | Munch that trash

Gobbling up waste across schools, the Sustainable Seas Trust is bringing Munch to schools across SA — raising awareness and much-needed funds through recycled collections. Munch — a giant wireframe coelacanth fish — is making waves at schools across South Africa to raise income through recycling. It’s a fun, interactive teaching tool for Grade R […]

Ben Bikes | Push to pedal

Getting bikes to rural children across the nation, BEN Bikes is paving a new path to hope for young learners to get to school an easier way. Helping over 400 more rural children get to school each day, the Bicycle Empowerment Network (or BEN Bikes) is adding pedal power where it’s needed most. For many […]

TEARS | New Surgical Theatre

Thanks to supporters, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet has been able to support a worthy cause once again. Donating R183 000 for renovating an existing veterinary consulting room to make a second surgical theatre, to be used for orthopedics and sterilisations. This kind of funding assistance aligns seamlessly with the loyalty programme’s MyPlanet mission, which includes a […]

Project Flamingo | In-time surgery to saves lives

For many newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, treatment delays and long surgical waiting times can mean the difference between life and death. With Project Flamingo’s support, state-funded healthcare is getting a much-needed boost. South Africa’s state healthcare system is overwhelmed and on its knees in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. For cancer patients, this […]

JAM | Stamp out malnutrition

Suffering from fatigue and a malnutrition-related condition, three-year-old Ngwako has a new lease on life. With millions of children like him often going to bed hungry, JAM SA’s life changing nutrition intervention means more kids can grow big and strong to fulfil their dream. As millions of South African children go to bed hungry each […]

DKMS Africa | Fight blood cancer

Helping patients with blood-related diseases, DKMS Africa is dedicated to the fight that is helping to help save lives. Formerly known as The Sunflower Fund, DKMS Africa is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to the fight against blood cancer. Every year, thousands of patients around the world are diagnosed with blood cancer and other blood-related […]

MyPlanet Rhino Fund | Protecting rhino for a decade

Formed 10 years ago to help wage war on rhino poaching, MyPlanet Rhino Fund and its supporters are helping preserve the future of this iconic species. Home to the largest population of Africa’s iconic rhinos, South Africa is engaged in a war on poaching. Around 10 years ago, private and public rhino sanctuaries were locked […]