Animals left in lockdown

Lockdown has affected everyone. That’s why the Johannesburg SPCA has been helping animals whose owners fell ill or were left with no income to feed them. While many of us were in lockdown, the Johannesburg SPCA has been hard at work protecting and rescuing animals in need. Sadly, many owners have fallen ill during the pandemic and others have been unable to afford to feed their animals any longer.

Because the JSPCA relies entirely on donations for support, the team of inspectors have been busy with outreach and assisting owners who have lost their income to continue to take care of the animals.  They begin with an assessment, while ensuring all animals are sterilised, and the impact has been felt everywhere across the country.

The dedicated team is beyond grateful for the incredible support and comradery shown throughout these uncertain times.   From contributions of food, blankets and goods for the charity shop, to financial support from MySchool and other generous donors, the JSPCA remains committed to animal welfare and wellbeing of all animals in the region.

To put you in the picture, pet food costs amount to a whopping R20 000 a month without additional running costs.  And it’s why the JSPCA will continue in its mission to protect our furry friends.

Help support animals left homeless or without food

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