Genesis ProfileFor patients at Genesis Care Centre, round-the-clock medical, psycho-social and spiritual support is helping  people dream of a better future.



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For a 30-year old mother of two children, her admission to Genesis Care Centre has changed the future for her family and many others like her:

I am woman aged 30 years old and I have two children; aged 10 and 4 years. I am HIV positive, have been diagnosed with TB and I am a drug addict. I was very weak and very unwell. 

When I came to Genesis, I wasn’t sure whether they could even help me. Due to my drug addiction I had defaulted on my medication. I was very sick and I wasn’t getting better

Providing a step down nursing facility for 40 patients, Genesis Care Centre supports patients with HIV/Aids, TB, strokes, cancer and pressure sores, through medical, nursing, physical, pscyho-social and spiritual care.

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I started regaining my strength during my stay at the Care Centre. I ate nutritional food, got enough rest and most importantly, I started taking my HIV and TB treatment correctly. I started feeling well again.

The team at Genesis Care Centre work with their patients to help work through their issues:

It made me realise how important counselling is. I am so grateful to the staff at the Care Centre for patiently and lovingly working with me. They even organised an external person to come and speak with me regarding my addiction. This helped so much and I am still in contact with them.” 

Discharged when she was ready, the team has helped set her up to live a life she didn’t think was possible.
As well as helping support her to adhere to her HIV and TB treatment, the team has helped her register with UNISA to study Business Administration and is empowering her in creative ways.

While I was a patient, I learned how to knit. I am a recovering addict and I am embarking on further education to improve my life and that of my children. I am continuing to knit now that I am home; I would love to be able to sell the things I am making and bring in some money to help look after my children. "

With compassion the heartbeat of its centre, Genesis Care Centre continues to provide round-the-clock care and holistic support to help every one of its patients address their social and spiritual needs.