GROW ECD ThumbEvery child deserves the best care and education. Now that vision is a reality through 21 new childhood development centres.



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The first five years in a child’s life are critical to development, laying the foundation for their future as adults. Now, with the addition of 21 high quality development centres, children in under-resourced communities in Cape Town and Gauteng will enjoy the vital education and child care they deserve. 

Through Early Childhood Development (ECD), GROW is helping ensure children are given the nutrition, care and opportunities for cognitive, physical, social and emotional learning. Across the world, quality ECD is regarded as vital to breaking entrenched cycles of poverty and inequality. MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet and GROW with Educare have joined forces to make this project a reality, with funding of close to R5 million - one of MySchool’s biggest project commitments to date. 

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GROW with Educare’s unique model tackles SA’s ECD crisis in a sustainable and scalable way. By bringing private school level ECD into communities, where quality Educare is not accessible or affordable, it’s also helping drive sustainable job creation. 


“This is a project that brings together vital education and child care, as well as entrepreneurship, employment and sustainable community development,” says Pieter Twine, MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet General Manager.  

Managed by capable, independent principles and trained, qualified teachers, GROW is establishing a successful chain of ECD centres in under-resourced communities. At each centre, focus will be on facility upgrades to meet mandatory ECD standards; leadership, business and education training for the micro-franchisee; educational training for child caregivers; provision of outstanding educational resources through GROW Learning; a healthy, balanced nutrition programme, ongoing monitoring and evaluation, as well as active mentoring, and parent and community outreach. Each school will also be registered with the Department of Social Development. 

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Many GROW with Educare Centres have stemmed out of home-based care for very young children where overcrowding, limited resources and a lack of training is the norm. Established in 2014, GROW is building its brand through franchising to maintain standards, empower business owners with a decent salary and offer others gainful employment. By the end of 2019, GROWs impact will  include almost 1900 learners across 77 classrooms in 52 schools in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, with the creation of 218 jobs.